After 2 years of recruitment efforts, Dermetel has chosen the 10 participants for its first P1/P2 TMAU clinical trial commencing in early 2023.  All recruitees have been notified by email.  Out of all survey respondents, Eva's son--a young TMAU patient in Auckland, New Zealand--has won the Sugarfina low choline gummy candy prize.
Trials are taking place at the world class UCSF Alpha Stem Cell Clinic, overseen by board certified medical geneticists, and everyone will be flown over for the longitudinal study check ins.  It's too much for us to have trials in all 6 countries, and San Francisco is a major global city with good direct flight airport links.
We will also use these same patients in P3.  No further TMAU recruitment will be done at any time.  Thank you to those who helped us get this far!
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