Dermetel is re-launching its teledermatology program in the following 6 states thanks to the support of 10 volunteer dermatologists.
California - San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego
Oregon - Portland
Washington - Seattle
Utah - Salt Lake City
Arizona - Scottsdale and Tucson
Nevada - Las Vegas
Each patient will receive a maximum of 4 free consultations capped at 15 minutes each.  Should they choose to follow-up with said dermatologist in person, they're entitled to a sliding-fee based payment option even if their insurance doesn't cover them.  Dermetel is still organizing logistics and it appears the free teledermatology program will be available on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights.  A possible zero-insurance copay partnership with Mayo Clinic Scottsdale and a 30-40% Scottsdale hotel discount is also in the works for all patients to receive Mohs surgery for skin cancer.
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