Given the way the media and medical journals continue to portray rare diseases vitiligo and TMAU, Dermetel is joining forces with a top British public relations firm to shed more light on the full spectrum of symptoms many develop as a result of horrific medical malpractice.  Far beyond the aesthetic component is the serious medical component:
Development of new deathly allergies to foods
Fainting, lightheadedness leading to near-constant syncope episodes and, in some cases, the development of epilepsy if treatment is not provided immediately and urgently
Life-threatening dysmenorrhea symptoms
Inability to perform athletically
Reduced breathing capacity
Reduced metabolic capacity
Reduced life expectancy to age 40 in over 90% of the patient cases we've examined
Serious, life-threatening cardiovascular trauma.

While Dermetel is committed to help aesthetically oriented rare disease patients live normal lives, it's absolutely vital that the serious symptoms beyond the aesthetic are portrayed accurately in the press and in the relevant medical journals.  The public deserves to have a comprehensive understanding of real physical symptoms, not just headliner aesthetic symptoms.  This is much bigger and much more serious than just aesthetics.
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