Dermetel is changing the game for vitiligo patients around the world.  In lieu of the traditional slow 20-year approach to depigmentation, we've worked hand in hand with an Indian pharmacy to develop a free monthly based approach in an intensive 1-4 year format.  With the total cost of treatment via a dermatologist exceeding £750K even for patients with health insurance, our approach cuts out the middleman and helps patients depigment without dipping into their savings.  Our compounding pharmacy partner in New Delhi, India prepares the Dermetel off-the-counter, generic version of monobenzone, and our offices will send out custom bottle counts each month based on age, height, weight, and vitiligo severity each month.  Patients of all ages qualify.  
We think children benefit most rapidly from our highly intensive approach; one year of homeschooling nets them a fully depigmented complexion, allowing them to get back on track sooner.  For this reason, we're restricting our first batch of monobenzone to children with vitiligo.
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