Who is handling global fulfillment when the free kits and free supplements are ready for ordering?
Shopify.com for ordering and Fulfillment.com for all logistics.  Fulfillment.com serves 150+ countries around the world on a next-day shipping basis.
Do I have to pay for a DNA test to qualify for the clinical trials?
No. Dermetel recently secured new funding for 100% free DNA kits for up to 300 patients. Everyone on our list-serve will get a HIPAA-compliant email to fill out all relevant information. We know people have had some issues with receiving their results from Dante Labs. We want to make it right, so we're paying for each patient to receive 100% free DNA tests and a 1-hour results consultation from our new, full-time medical genetics physician hire--in total worth £3,500.  We will get everyone who needs a formal diagnosis a formal diagnosis, whether they have health insurance or not.  Dermetel has hired a full-time, Cambridge-educated, NHS-trained, British medical geneticist who is fully prepared to help our patient population live their best lives and move forward.  A formal diagnosis from a British doctor on official letterhead is accepted everywhere in the world.
I did not get my DNA test results from Dante Labs. Can Dermetel offer reimbursement?
Yes. In line with our principles, we're offering direct deposits of £550 each to all who purchased DNA tests from Dante Labs and did not receive their results. Dermetel trusted Dante Labs and it could be that their Covid-19 tests took priority over Dermetel tests, but we want all of the people in our community to know that we will make this situation right immediately.  All affected will have the reimbursement from Dermetel either posted to their bank account via Xoom, sent via PayPal, or mailed to their home address via paper check no later than early March depending on their specific country of origin. 
Do I have to pay for the supplements at any point?
No. As of January 2021, Dermetel is funding both supplements for life for every patient with this condition. It is fully free. Write in and you get free supplements for life mailed to your house in carbon neutral, fully sustainable packaging. There is no charge and there will never be a charge of any kind to you. We believe health is a fundamental human right. Free treatment, for life, for everyone is the least we can do for this community.
Do I have to pay for the enzyme replacement therapy at any point?
No. Your government health system or insurance company will cover all costs for your lifespan. Dermetel will offer grants to uninsured patients from our fundraised pool. There is no way for us to distribute the enzyme replacement therapy on a fully free basis logistically speaking.
Do I have to pay for shipping and handling?
No. Our donors are pleased to cover all shipping and handling charges. Dermetel is grateful to them for their complete support, especially in facilitating introductions.
Can you ship anywhere in the world?
Yes. 150+ countries!
How do the supplement shipments work?
The first shipment includes travel-ready packets for 90 days of full-time travel as well as two months of daily packets for the first to the eighth weeks. All subsequent shipments deliver on the seventh week of every eight-week cycle. We set up the travel-ready packets to be suitable for all TSA regulations and the plastic containers are fully biodegradable and reusable, in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability. 
Who is doing the supplement manufacturing?
Pfizer CentreOne is doing all of Dermetel's manufacturing now and in the future.
Do I have to pay for my child to receive the enzyme replacement therapy?
No. It will be covered by your insurance or your government health plan. We've decided on postponing the ERT for the time being due to the many risks inherent in surgical procedures. For now, both of the over-the-counter supplement options do a great job without any of the many risks inherent in permanent liver surgery.
Will my child need a prescription for the enzyme replacement therapy?
Yes, but for now we're focusing on our two over-the-counter supplement options.
How do I get a job at Dermetel or use the secret job board?
Complete all four of the courses on www.dermetelonlinetrials.com when they go live, answer all questions for our online clinical trials forms, and you'll automatically receive a listing of great jobs.  Dermetel may join a larger philanthropic group at some point, but will continue to have its own hiring procedures.
What is Dermetel's relationship with Ginkgo BioWorks?
Dermetel's founder spoke to representatives at Ginkgo BioWorks in December 2020 about retaining their firm to explore new options beyond what Dermetel has already contracted and subcontracted to various labs.
Is Dermetel still acquiring other enzymes directly from scientists?
Yes, Dermetel is using M&A firms to acquire other enzymes.
Is Dermetel acquiring other products in the Italian and US markets?
As a matter of policy, Dermetel does not offer formal comment on M&A pursuits. 
What about IP law concerns?
As a matter of policy, Dermetel does not offer formal comment on intellectual property concerns being filed or patent licensing agreements being negotiated.
When do trials start?
As a matter of policy, Dermetel does not offer formal comment until the primary press announcement day.
Is Dermetel represented by a top PR firm?
Sort of.  Our Founder is running all PR strategy while the agency prepares for messaging.
Are MBAs joining Dermetel?
Yes. As of 2021, senior leadership will be filled exclusively with MBA grads who also have at least two years of Junior League leadership training. We think nonprofit leaders are much more efficient with a solid MBA education and much more effective with Junior League training.
How long will Dermetel's funding last
We've raised enough to run TMAU and vitiligo treatment distribution for two years and a small percentage of profits from the Founder's startup support Dermetel specifically.  We're not looking at this from the short-term freakout perspective of "we have two years of runway" because all of the members of the Dermetel community will be taken care of in the long-term when Dermetel joins a larger foundation and is governed by that Board of Directors in a more formal way.
When will the new Dermetel website be up and running?
May 2021.
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