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creating life-saving medications

Dermetel has two therapeutics heading to FDA clinical trials. One is a supplement based out of archaebacteria and another is an enzyme replacement treatment for a rare disease. Both treatments have extensive academic medical support with dozens of publications indicating efficacy and manufacturing feasibility.

The archaebacteria supplement treatment will cost $300,000 to get through FDA phase 1 and between $800,000 to $6,000,000 to get through FDA phases II-IV.

The enzyme replacement therapy treatment will cost over $5,000,000 at minimum to get through FDA phase 1, and anywhere from $8,000,000 to $75,000,000 to get through FDA phases II-IV. This treatment is more effective than the one above since it permanently fixes the problem. That said, it will take a much longer period of time to test for safety as it uses CRISPR gene editing technology to fix faulty genes and surgery to actually put the corrected genes in the organ in question. The treatment is patented by one of our partners in the UK, a start-up affiliated with University College London (#4 ranked medical school) and the University of Oxford (#1 ranked medical school). The head scientists at the start-up have experience at Novatris and Pfizer in pharmaceutical chemistry and PhDs in immunology and molecular/cellular biology. Their innovative, life-enhancing treatment has been proven effective with over 8 peer-reviewed publications in elite medical journals but has not yet been commercialized. Dermetel is in charge of fundraising and managing/operating every aspect of the trial. In full disclosure, the UK team that discovered the enzyme used in the ERT did register their start-up as a for-profit company, however Dermetel has convinced them to dismantle their for-profit structure and to dissolve their organization. The start-up will be retaining their IP and their team will be joining forces with Dermetel so that the ERT will be distributed for free, for life, to all affected patients.

All of our highly aggressive fundraising efforts are centered on getting both treatments to FDA phase IV. Any support is greatly appreciated because we would rather not have to sell out to venture capitalists who care first and foremost about profits from the treatments instead of personal satisfaction from helping marginalized dermatology patients. The traditional pharmaceutical business model is flawed. It is inherently unethical, non-Christian, and completely unjust to charge people for medication that should be available for free as a fundamental human right. Patients from small towns, who maybe don’t have anything beyond a high school diploma, are without high-paying jobs and who have almost no insurance coverage cannot afford a $100,000 per year enzyme replacement treatment—which is the standard that BioMarin, one of the only level 5 for-profits in the space, provides. Even they have to charge a lot to remain afloat, and many patients still cannot afford to go see a doctor who has the ability to prescribe the medication due to the emergency-level national shortage of dermatologists. Most other for-profit pharmaceutical companies, like Sarepta Therapeutics, are in the business of creating profitability, hype, and BS with boom/bust pump/dump biotech situations the minute they go public. We are in the business of justice, hope, progress, and change; ideals that cannot and should not ever be quantified. As a 501-c(3) nonprofit registered with the IRS, we aim to provide 100% free treatment to affected patients and we can only do this with extensive support from dermatologists like you.

In the interest of full disclosure, neither of our products will ever be profitable unless we charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for them—which we refuse to do—but they will be life saving. As such, Dermetel will remain a nonprofit committed to its target demographic and its principles. We are very fortunate to be in a position to have the complete and full support of over nine people at the FDA who know that we are all students and young professionals keen to make the world a better place. Our vision is to create a world where every patient, regardless of origin or income level, gets the access to dermatologic pharmaceutical treatments that they need free of charge.

To this end, we are hosting a large number of fundraising events in various cities to help get these life-saving and life-enhancing treatments to market. The highest ranked and most intelligent dermatologists in each of the 50 states will be keynote speakers at each event in each city on our list, and most have generously agreed to offer discounted treatments for certain attendees. Their speech earns them the prestigious honors of being awarded the title of DERMETEL TOP DERMATOLOGIST and being listed as a recommended dermatologist in our skin cancer sun safety kits that have been distributed on college campuses since 2011.

Overall, dermatologic disease must go. And it starts here at Dermetel, with all of us working together.

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Thank you for your consideration. Signed,

Christine L., MD candidate: PRE-DERMATOLOGY


ZIVIT F., MD/PHD Candidate: Pre-Medical genetics

Misha K., PhD/JD/MBA candidate: PRE-MANAGEMENT


shawn k., bs/md/MPH candidate: pre-GENERAL SURGERY