Online: year-round support and enrichment for children ages 3 to 18.  Open-entry selection with discussion forum moderation by medical student volunteers. 
Summer: in-person camp for outdoor exploration, painting, drawing, tai chi, and karate for children ages 8 to 17.  Competitive selection with interviews and a formal application.
A brand new, untouched, 5-star private island on Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is being purpose built to house 500 children ages 8 to 17 with rare dermatology and rare dermatogenetic disorders for a 100% free summer camp with all expenses, travel, and accommodations provided.  Campers are all to be segregated by gender and enjoy luxury amenities throughout their stay with camp counselor supervision by paediatric dermatologists from the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom as well as happy, successful patients who are good role models to younger campers.  Our game plan is to engage in a staged ramp-up to a full summer camp, incorporating camper and parent feedback at every step.  To this end, we're offering a 4 week option in 2021.
The Camp itself is structured into 10 Houses modeled on the traditional British system, all named after notable dermatologists.  There are 5 Houses for girls and 5 Houses for boys for a total of 250 girls and 250 boys each summer; 25 in each age group and gender.  We're building a total of 20 cabins for campers and counselors, alongside numerous facilities for sports, arts, and dining.  We're pleased to partner with Sodexo for all dining needs and IKEA for all furniture.
Boys Houses: Alibert, Crocker, Gross, Mohs, and Orentreich
Girls Houses: Airan, Derrick, Fields, Lee, and Rodan
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