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The Future of Dermatology

From innovations at 3Derm to those in Dermetel's own teledermatology platform and dermoscope devices, we will continue see an evolution in the culture and practice of dermatology. In the coming years. dermatology as a whole will continue to shift away from outpatient, siloed individual care in wealthy communities, and toward a culture of telemedical care, where biopsy results are turned out in a day, dermoscopes have diagnostic abilities, and all patients worldwide have access to a dermatologist. The dermatologist of the future will not merely integrate technology into practice, but play a vital role in managing imaging capabilities of the latest technological advances. The dermatology culture of the future will have greater respect for patients of all stripes--those who can pay, and those who cannot--and foster larger-scale, preventative health communication efforts to reduce the risk of dermatologic diseases from developing in the first placce.

Patients worldwide will soon have minimal wait times, increased patient-dermatologist and patient-dermatopathologist interaction, and faster rates of early detection of skin cancer, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and other life-threatening dermatologic diseases. New treatment modalities will feature immediate e-prescriptions, hands-on and trackable treatment adherence check-ins, and better patient outcomes at every socioeconomic level. The era where only the richest patients can get an appointment with a highly-trained, board-certified dermatologist is over.

By being receptive to technological innovation within the field of dermatology, dermatologists have the advantage of helping a larger patient population than ever before. Creating a culture where the poorest patient on welfare in rural Alabama has the same, high-quality care as a rich patient in Manhattan is the only way dermatology can remain current, relevant, and impactful in the future. All patients deserve the best care, regardless of their ability to pay.



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