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We believe quality dermatologic care is a human right.


Promoting an equitable, accessible dermatologic culture.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, with a satellite office in Seattle, WA, Dermetel is a nonprofit organization devoted to the promotion of dermatologic disease awareness and the institution of programs and services to alleviate dermatologic health disparities. Misha Kaura founded Dermetel in 2011 after she lost a loved one to stage IV malignant melanoma.

Our products, services, creative output, and events center around promoting an equitable and just dermatology care system both domestically and globally. We have run the SunSafe skin cancer awareness seminar and sunscreen distribution series on over 70 college campuses since 2011, provided free skin cancer screenings to 2,700 patients since 2013, and helped 320 underserved patients receive free teledermatology care since 2017.

A volunteer-run organization run entirely by students ranging from undergraduates to dermatology resident physicians, Dermetel is determined to do what is necessary to reduce skin cancer rates amongst college students by 20% before 2020.




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Camp Groovy is a free summer day camp for pediatric dermatology patients in the Pacific Northwest, ages 7 to 11. As dermatologic diseases are so visually apparent, many children with such diseases as alopecia and vitiligo are subject to bullying and ridicule in schools. We believe these children deserve a safe space to have fun, be seen as normal, and make lifelong friendships through character-building, enjoyable activities in athletics, arts, crafts, and creative writing.



Dermetel's signature SunSafe skin cancer awareness seminar and skin cancer screenings were launched in Toronto in 2011 and have expanded to offerings in five countries and forty-five cities since. A combination of a prevention speech and mass sunscreen distribution and skin cancer screenings, Dermetel helps college students feel confident about rejecting the services provided by indoor tanning beds and instead opting for sun protection to decrease their risk of developing skin cancer in the future.


Dermetel's Teledermatology Solution is a free, HIPAA-compliant, teledermatology service for patients throughout the United States. Free 7-minute consultation services are offered by three board-certified dermatologists for patients nationwide. Over 320 rural and underserved patients have benefited from the program since February 2017. Our goal is to help reduce skin cancer rates by 20% nationwide in 2020.



Dermetel launched its dermatology film production arm in 2015, and has produced two films to date. Operation: #BanTheTan is an animated short documentary that covers the indoor tanning bed craze, and Environmental Dermatology is an animated short documentary discussing the influence UV radiation has on dermatologic health. Both films are shown regularly at our SunSafe seminars on college campuses. In 2017, Dermetel is releasing another film at a major film festival.

sunsafe 5K RACES

Dermetel's SunSafe 5K races are offered once per year in locations throughout the United States. Beginning in 2015, the SunSafe 5K has organized charity runs and fundraising drives in six cities throughout the United States: Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Detroit, MI, and Cincinnati, OH. All funds support Dermetel's projects at DermFilms and with SunSafe-Kauraderma Sunscreen Distribution on college campuses domestically and internationally.



Dermetel is passionate about fighting for universal under-18 banning of tanning beds throughout the United States. Since 2015, Dermetel has sat on the Colorado Skin Cancer Task Force, a division of the University of Colorado Department of Dermatology, and has contributed to the community by launching its own skincare line. Kauraderma sunscreen and related products seek to end the exploitation of young people by indoor tanning bed companies.


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