Founded in January 2011 by a then-freshman in college, the mission of Dermetel is to advance care and treatment for patients with rare dermatology and dermatogenetic diseases.  In December 2020, Dermetel decided to implement a FOR FREE, FOR LIFE, FOR ALL approach such that all treatments and services offered by Dermetel are accessible to the widest possible audience irrespective of their location, age, health insurance status, or ability to pay for care.  Dermetel is grateful for its donors supporting this noble and necessary work and remains governed by an experienced, well-connected Board comprised of people inside and outside of the pharmaceutical industry.
As of 2019, Dermetel focuses on:
1.) Running phase I to IV clinical trials for rare dermatology diseases;
2.) Providing free telemedical clinic diagnostic services in the areas of dermatology and medical genetics to disadvantaged, underserved patients worldwide;
3.) Distributing over-the-counter treatments to patients with rare dermatology diseases for free and for life;
4.) Coordinating gene therapy distribution plans post-Phase IV for all rare dermatology diseases of interest to us.
Dermetel is at the cutting edge of change making through a unique combination of visionary product and service development, aggressive timeline manufacturing, and quiet but effective advocacy.  Our partnerships with leading global health and rare disease organisations and support from elected officials, industry leaders, philanthropists, and key ambassadors help advance our mission.
NB Dermetel's popular summer camp run in 2017, 2018, and 2019 has been rebranded under a new name, expanded in scope from pediatric patients with rare dermatology diseases to pediatric patients with any qualifying rare disease, and has shifted to management by the Darlinghurst Fund.  This streamlines operations and keeps our focus here on diagnostics, treatment approval, and treatment distribution. 
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