Founded in January 2011 by a then age 18 undergraduate student, Dermetel is a registered nonprofit organization with locations in Washington, DC, United States and an incoming registered charity in London, United Kingdom.  The mission of Dermetel is to advance care and treatment for patients with rare dermatology and dermatogenetic diseases.  The organization was founded by students for patients worldwide and is now managed by an experienced team of 10 professionals.  As of 2019, Dermetel’s sole areas of interest are in (1) running phase I to III clinical trials for rare dermatology diseases sold to larger pharmaceutical companies at the start of phase IV, in (2) providing low-cost teledermatology clinic services to disadvantaged, underserved patients in the US and the UK, and (3) running Camp Dermagroovy, a free waterfront summer camp for children with rare dermatogenetic diseases in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Camp Dermagroovy is now expanding from a 1 week day camp focused only on art, surfing, and mindfulness to a 6-12 weeks summer sleepover camp and a year-round online camp offering.
Proudly supported by N Sethia, a London-based tea and jute billionaire, and a number of top US and UK dermatologists united by a vision of creating a better world for patients worldwide.
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