Founded in January 2011 by a then-freshman in college, the mission of Dermetel is to advance care and treatment for patients with rare dermatology and dermatogenetic diseases.  Dermetel is governed by growing Board of Directors, people inside and outside of the pharmaceutical industry who share our values and mission.
As of 2019, Dermetel focuses on providing urinalysis and DNA diagnostic services for patients with rare dermatology diseases participating in affiliated phase I to III trials.  We're closing in on a fundraising round to build a small endowment to support our vision of on-site DNA and urinalysis testing as well as free clinic services in four geographic areas.  We also distribute free 'supplement packs' to patients with rare dermatology diseases participating in our own trials testing standard protocols for use in meta-analysis and systematic review papers and we run a summer camp called Camp Rare (cancelled until 2022).  We care a lot about leveling the aesthetic playing field, ensuring that young people struggling with rare diseases are able to see and appreciate their inner and outer beauty and live their ideal life with tools, resources, and a valuable network of peers that will last a lifetime as they move on from school to college to adulthood.  We teach young people that (1) beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone and (2) trust is the foundation of all relationships.
Dermetel is at the cutting edge of changemaking.  Our partnerships with leading global health and rare disease organisations, including the World Health Organisation in Geneva, and support from elected officials, industry leaders, philanthropists, and key ambassadors help advance our mission.
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